Become An ASN Document Affiliate
All of the work done for you and still receive as much as 25% of donations plus cash bonuses!

Get Paid For Simply Sharing Your Link

STEP 1: Create an affiliate account

STEP 2: Share your link anywhere with anyone

STEP 3: Get paid 20% off the start with a chance to earn 25% plus cash bonuses

You Can Literally Share Anywhere!!

  •  Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.
  • Email: Have an email list? Just copy and paste the link and send!
  • Friends & Family: Share with your friends and family 
How You Earn
if someone donates for a document plan after clicking your link, then you get a % of the donation.
The more people you get, the more you can earn! 

Below is what you can earn per donation based on each pricing plan
Individual Package Price
You earn 20%
  • 20% = You earn $43.40 / per donation
Partner package
You earn 20%
  • 20% = You earn $79.40 / per donation
family package
You earn 20%
  • 20% = You earn $149.40 / per donation

You can increase this to 25% and cash bonuses if you have big groups or followings to promote to

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